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Rated 6103 minutes | Drama

We are back again!

Dear cinema-goers,

the wait is over. The Savoy Film Theatre has been reopened on 11 July - albeit with limited seating capacity for the time being.

We can reassure all visitors who wonder whether a visit to the cinema carries a risk of infection:

  • Japanese and Chinese researchers have studied chains of infection and found that the hotspots are hospitals, nursing homes, private gatherings, etc. Of 61 clusters studied, not a single theatre, cinema or opera house is infected (SZ 16.06.2020).
  • Our cinemas are equipped with powerful air conditioning or ventilation systems with a high air exchange rate, and unlike restaurants and bars, people in the cinema usually sit in silence and concentrate on what is happening on the screen.
  • This is where the virus has a hard time spreading.

So please come back again, away from Netflix, Amazon and others, to the place for which the films are made - your cinema.

Your team from the Savoy Film Theatre

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