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Cine Mar autumn tour 2020

150 minutes | Start: 12.10.2020 | 2020

The Cine Mar - Surf Movie Night presented by Blue Tomato is getting ready for the autumn tour 2020. Over 30 stops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands are planned. The Cine Mar brings the highlights among the surf movies and nature documentaries of the year to the cinemas - Oceanstories for Surfaddicts.

The autumn tour programme, consisting of various short films and a main film, offers surfers, sea addicts, traveladdicts and all those who want to become one, a multi-faceted and exciting film selection.

The Films
Lessis More (FR 2020 // 52min // English // by MathiasJoubert)
The documentary is about a family that turns its back on "normal" life and embarks on a new atypical, fascinating and inspiring lifestyle. In this 52-minute documentary the viewer* accompanies them on an adventure to Indonesia, where not everything goes as planned at the beginning.

Discoverto Uncover(AUS 2019 // 2...

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This film is currently not shown in the program.

The programme for the coming cinema week starting on Thursdays is published on Mondays.


Rated 12150 minutes | Action

Zombie - Dawn Of The Dead

Rated 18120 minutes | Action
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