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House rules

Dear guests,

so that you feel comfortable with us permanently, it is necessary that we hereby inform you about our house rules. The following behaviour is strictly prohibited in the entire building as well as in the associated outdoor facilities:

  • Consumption of food and beverages of any kind brought along with you
  • drug use
  • Begging and hawking as well as offering for sale of goods
  • making music and other performances of an artistic nature
  • Filming and photographing without prior (written) permission of the theatre management
  • Use of mobile phones in the halls
  • Distribution of all kinds of advertising material and billposting
  • Carrying weapons
  • Deliberate damage to or theft of our furnishings
  • Stay in cordoned off areas without the express permission of the theatre management
  • Loitering in the foyers without a reason and blocking escape routes
  • Smoking throughout the building
  • Verbal and physical harassment of other guests
  • Bring along pets (except guide dogs)

In addition, the instructions of the employees on duty must always be followed. They exercise the householder's rights in accordance with the instructions of the theatre management and are authorised to give instructions to all guests within the framework of the aforementioned provisions.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you pleasant hours in our house.
Your SAVOY movie theatre

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