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Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

When her eyes fall on an exclusive haute couture gown by Christian Dior, Ada Harris is smitten. Actually, fashion is not the thing of the widowed woman, who keeps her head above water as a domestic worker in 1950s London. But Ada has never seen anything so beautiful. She decides she must own such a dress herself. Even if it means working even harder and perhaps going hungry, and a little bit of gambling luck to help her fulfill her dream and make the trip to Paris. Once in the city of love, the adventure really begins: it's not quite as easy as Ada thought to be granted access to the house of Dior ...

Armageddon Time

New York in the late summer of 1980: Paul (Banks Repeta) is the youngest member of a well-off Jewish family. But between his busy mother Esther (Anne Hathaway), his trying but strict father Irving (Jeremy Strong) and his quarrelsome brother Ted (Ryan Sell), he often feels lonely and lost. Only his loving grandfather Aaron (Anthony Hopkins) seems to truly understand him and encourage his interests. At the start of the new school year, Paul meets Jonathan (Jaylin Webb), a black boy who is a "dropout" living in poor conditions with his ailing grandmother. He befriends the older boy who, despite all his problems, firmly believes in values like honesty and loyalty. But it doesn't take long for Paul to become increasingly aware that not everyone has the same opportunities in this world.

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