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The "Savoy Film Club" presents – classic movies in the original version!

Lost in Translation

Bob Harris (Bill Murray) is a washed-up U.S. television star in a late-life crisis. When he travels to Tokyo to shoot a high-paying whiskey commercial, he meets Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), an equally rich and unhappy compatriot who is only forty years younger, while drinking in the hotel bar. The underachieving wife of a somewhat too busy star photographer feels quite alone among all the foreign-speaking people. With nothing better to do anyway, they drift around together for a while, discovering common ground and much more. "Ghost World" bloomer Scarlett Johansson and ex-"Ghostbuster" Bill Murray, who has matured into a respected character star thanks to Wes Anderson, are the lovers in Sofia Coppola's justly celebrated directorial sophomore effort. Two Americans meet at a hotel bar in Tokyo: a former TV star shooting a commercial for whiskey in Japan and the young wife of a famous photographer. In search of a soul mate, the two spend a weekend together, discovering the city and an extraordinary friendship. Aging U.S. star Bob Harris travels to Tokyo to shoot a high-dollar whiskey commercial. Tired, he checks into the Park Hyatt, where he first wants to get a good night's sleep. But his inner clock ticks differently, and the actor tosses and turns restlessly on the sheets. Annoyed, Bob gets dressed again and goes to the hotel bar, where he meets Charlotte. The young American woman, married to a vain photographer, is also completely beside herself. And so she strikes up a conversation with her fellow sufferer.


15 years locked up, 5 days time for revenge: For no apparent reason, businessman Oh Dae-su is kidnapped and locked in a windowless room. His only contact with the outside world is a television set, through which he learns one day from the news that his wife has been murdered and that he himself is being held responsible. After 15 long years in complete isolation, Oh Dae-su is finally released into freedom - just as abruptly as he was captured. In search of answers, he swears revenge on his tormentors, but the ordeal is not over for him.

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